The a/c in the office was cold after getting wet in the rain

All of us hardly ever get rain where I live… There is a short phase in the summer time in which the opportunity for precipitation increases, but most of the time, the sky is fair and the weather is comfortable.

This is also why I don’t generally own really several rain jackets or umbrellas. This is what led to me having one of the most angry days of work I have ever really experienced, then first of all, it was a Monday, so that was never a good thing… And second of all, I got caught in a freak rainstorm on my way to work! I stepped into my chilly cold office building dripping wet! I was sure that I would catch a cold that morning; a few other co-workers were in the same position, and every one of us lamented the harshly high setting on the cooling system even more. I was huddled at my desk, finding it difficult to know that I would have to endure this discomfort for another 7 minutes and 50 hours! I made a point of trying to figure out who controlled the control unit, but it was a fruitless effort. The control machine says 80°, but it feels so much colder, even when I am not soaking wet. I slowly and reluctantly began my jobs for the morning, and gradually, I started to hot up and dry off over time. I am seriously starting to guess that it’s better for me to try and find a job where I can do tasks at home, so I can appreciate my own number one temperature on the control unit. I also will not have to step out into excruciating weather to travel to work!


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