The boat almost blew up!

The boat I served on almost exploded! I was in the military in the submarine when I got news that our natural gas furnace was properly pressurized plus not working.

The captain ordered the ship’s HVAC professional to take a look at the natural gas furnace but the HVAC professional could not find anything wrong with it.

The captain then called for myself and others plus asked if we could take a look at the gas furnace since I had been an HVAC professional for a lot of years before I joined the military. I went to the gas furnace so I took a great look at it. I noticed first of all that this was a tepid water boiler heating system that was hard to gauge because it was made for a Navy boat. When I was an HVAC professional I never had to work on a submarine tepid water boiler. I had worked a few other kinds of gas furnaces care about gas gas furnaces, oil gas furnaces, electric gas furnaces, plus even the normal tepid water boilers plus section heaters. But the boat’s tepid water boiler was an odd story but, plus I wasn’t sure how I was going to fix it but I knew that if I didn’t then everyone would perish horribly. I asked the other HVAC professional to assist myself and others plus bring all of his heating plus cooling units available. We work together to carefully release some of the pressure in the ship’s tepid water boiler to prevent it from exploding. After releasing some pressure the other tech and I realized that the ductless heat pump was overworking plus causing pressure building up in the tepid water boiler. We fixed the ductless heat pump plus put the entire heater back together plus it worked as if it were brand up-to-date from that day forward.