The fan was perfect

If you ask me I think fans are under-appreciated.

  • I grew up without a cooling system and had to use a fan to cool down every time I was hot outside.

Believe me when it got out it got really hot. My whole life I have lived in a hot climate but the thing is you just get used to it. I have had friends from other states come down here and they would do nothing but complain about the heat. It was funny because the heat would only be in the 80s but they would be acting like it was 100 degrees out! When they came down and visited they had to immediately rush into their hotels and bask underneath the cool air of the central air conditioning system. If something happened and for some reason the hotel didn’t have cooling they would completely freak out. They would start sweating and act like they were going to die. It was funny because of how dramatic they were being! For me all this was normal, in my opinion 95 degrees and up is hot. Like I said, I’m used to the hot weather. My friends are shocked when I didn’t even use my air conditioning system when it was hot in the house. They asked me what I used and I told them I used a fan and they were shocked. They simply couldn’t imagine a fan doing as good as a central air conditioning system. I left because my family had done great and I didn’t need to run my central AC all the time. That would just be a waste of money.

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