Waiting for a price drop

I had my eyes on a smart thermostat for my home for several months, I knew a couple people who also had the same smart thermostat and it seemed like a good investment.

The only issue was that I didn’t have the investment for it. I technically had the money for the smart thermostat, but it seemed costly. It was especially costly considering that my thermostat wasn’t broken and traditional thermostats were way less costly, although it rarely happened, I put my name on a text list for a notification of a price drop. I thought I’d have to wait several months for the price to drop or for the hardware store to have a big sale, but I didn’t! To my surprise, the smart thermostat that I wanted went on sale a few weeks later. Instead of paying over one hundred dollars, it was on sale for ninety dollars. This was a thirty percent discount and it was exactly what I needed to make the purchase. As fast as I could, I put my information in as well as waited for the confirmation text to come in. When I opened the text, I was surprised to see that it wouldn’t be delivered for another several weeks! I thought it would be delivered within three to six business days, but according to my text, they were experiencing some issues. There was a staffing issue and a shortage of supplies, which was attributed to the late delay. Although I was sad, I was excited to know that I’d gotten a good discount on the smart thermostat that I absolutely wanted.

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