Why do they blast the a/c at the movies?

I go to the movies at least one time a month.

I’m a huge fan of marvel films and it seems like so is almost everyone else because when I go to the theaters, it’s consistently jammed with people.

Even if the film has been out for weeks already. The theater is such a nostalgic venue for myself and others because it was 1 of our dad’s favorite pastimes. Some people enjoy going to athletic games, our dad enjoyed going to the movies. My dad knew almost every big actor’s name and what films they’ve done, even who they liked to work with. I began to pick up the same insights as I got older. But everything from the carpeted floor to picking up the candy and popcorn and mixing both together has become a ritual for me. I’ll go to the films on our own if no 1 else is available to go with me. I’ve consistently wondered though, why are the films consistently so cold? I always have to make sure I have on long sleeves and pants, maybe even a light jacket because the theater’s air conditioning method is minute to none. I also noticed that it’s 1 of the quietest Heating, Ventilation & A/C systems anyone has ever encountered, rightfully so because no 1 wants to struggle to hear the film due to a loud ventilation system. I guess it may be a conspiracy to get us to buy more popcorn to keep us warm. I guess that’s a stretch but these cooling systems in the theater are so huge, I can’t imagine any other reason.


a/c representative