All our friends were into being out of the HVAC heating to play hockey

Once we relocated down here, we knew we were going to love living in this part of the country.

We’d grown up in the north and disliked Winter time.

Plus, we felt sort of different. Like all our friends were into being out of the HVAC heating to play hockey or go skiing. All we desired was to crank the temperature control on the oil furnace when our parents weren’t home. Mom was not happy about the temperature control setting. So we had to know to get back to the exact location it was in prior to her getting home. When we got the chance to relocate and work from the zone controlled HVAC of our modern office, we jumped at it. It was a no brainer for us. However, we also weren’t kidding ourselves about the Summer either. We were aware that heat and humidity would be difficult and there was no denying that. Still, we’d much rather be too hot than too cold. That first summer, we went to a local friend of ours to get the low down on dealing with the summer. He informed us that we had to accept the heat and humidity. It was just that simple. So when the hot and cold temperatures started to rise this Spring, we left the HVAC cooling off. And we didn’t switch it on until late May when the highs were regularly in the mid 90’s. This strategy did the trick. It seems much less hot as long as you don’t get outside when the sun is straight up in the middle of the day. And we saved a bunch on HVAC cooling costs.


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