Can’t do without HVAC cooling but I eased up on the thermostat

Once I moved down here, I knew I was going to love living in this region.

Being from the north and hating winter is not a great combination.

And I always sort of felt like an outcast as well. Like all my friends were into being out of the HVAC heating to play hockey or go skiing. All I wanted to do was crank the thermostat on the furnace when my parents weren’t home. Dad was pretty intense about the thermostat setting. So I had to be very careful to get back to the exact location it was in prior to the folks going out for the evening or something. So when I got the chance to relocate and work from the zone controlled HVAC of my current office, I jumped at it. It was a no brainer for me. But I also wasn’t kidding myself about the summer either. I knew that heat and humidity would be tough and there was no denying that. Still, I’d much rather be too hot than too cold. So after the first summer, I went to a local friend of mine to get the low down on dealing with the summer. She told me that it was really all about acceptance. It was just that simple. So when the temperatures started to rise this spring, I left the HVAC cooling off. And I didn’t turn it on until like mid to late May when the highs were constantly in the mid 90’s. This strategy did the trick. It seems much less hot as long as you don’t get outside when the sun is straight up during the peak heating hours of the day. And I saved a bunch on HVAC cooling costs.

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