Getting in to jumping rope

I am always interested in new, interesting and beneficial workouts.

  • I try to continually change up my daily fitness regimen to target different muscles and keep things interesting.

I read the workout blogs of several professional athletes. A professional boxer shared a video of himself jumping rope. His skill level was extremely impressive. He recommended jumping rope as a great high-intensity option because it works the entire body. I hadn’t jumped rope since I was a little girl. I immediately purchased a leather jump rope with weighted handles. At first, I wasn’t all that proficient. I frequently tripped over the rope, stepped on it and smacked myself in the calves. I also had very little stamina. Since I keep myself in good physical condition, I was shocked by how quickly I got out of breath. I kept practicing and steadily improved. I wore our three leather ropes before I upgraded to a synthetic jump rope system that includes four weighted ropes and a single set of handles. Each rope gets progressively heavier and provides a unique style of exercise. I now jump rope four or five days per week. I’ve accomplished a variety of skills, including double-unders, crossovers, single-foot jumps, skipping, running and turning with the rope. I’ve invested into a rubberized mat that is specifically designed for jumping. It doesn’t skid or roll up but provides a helpful cushion for my feet. My only complaint with jumping rope is the impact on my feet, ankles and knees. If I jump too long or too often, I start feeling some aches and pains.



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