I almost made a huge mistake

I almost made a huge mistake, and I am so glad my friend talked me out of it! It is amazing the rash decisions you can make when you are worried, and that is exactly what almost happened. My air conditioning unit was old and I knew it was on its last leg. However, on all of the days it chose to break down, it broke down when we were having a heat wave! None of the local HVAC companies were available, they were all booked, and so I was panicking because I couldn’t find anyone to install a new HVAC unit. I finally found an independent air conditioning contractor that could come out and install a new cooling unit for me, but that led to the next problem, I couldn’t afford one! Unlike the regular air conditioning businesses, the independent HVAC dealer didn’t give any kind of discounts, so I was really worried. I was beginning to think I was going to have to stay somewhere else until I could return home again back to normal temperatures. However, I then thought of buying a used air conditioner instead. I managed to find quite a few used A/C units online for cheap, and before I went to buy one, I told my friend about it. She immediately told me how bad of an idea that was, and told me that I should never buy an air conditioner used. I was still tempted to buy it, so she even asked the professional A/C technician and he agreed. My friend gave me her portable cooling unit and told me to use it until the heat was over. It was enough to get me through, but just barely.



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