I missed that window tint after all

The previous homeowner certainly had an ugly theme going on in the house, but they were going for a rustic beach house look I believe, then i have a wood ceiling plus wood walls in my living room. There was a decorative wood stove on a brick pad right in the middle of the room too. The rest of the current home walls had wallpaper with chickens on it. The exterior of the home was orange with brown trim plus the homeowner did a brown window tint. I hated the entire design of the house. It has taken myself and others years to make the current home current plus pretty. The wood walls were sanded plus painted entirely white. The wood stove was removed plus the brick pad was destroyed. I took down all the wallpaper plus painted the rest of the home a light gray. The outside of the home is now an olive green with entirely white trim, unluckyly I had to wait for that window tint to fade in order to have clear windows; Once it faded away I realized I kind of liked having a window tint. Tinted windows mean you don’t need to have curtains up! You can savor your view outside with nobody looking in. It also makes the outside of the current home look costly separate from having to do any painting, and after that brown window tint faded I started looking into window movie updatements. I talked to the company plus now I am getting a window tint however only in a light gray. It will match my home better plus not be as bold as the a single before.

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