I no longer do my own shaving

I have super sensitive skin.

When it comes to hair removal it has regularly been a concern for me.

It is annoying that civilization has decided ladies have to basically be hairless. Basically we are allowed the hair on our head and eyebrows, that is it. The two of us are expected to shave our entire legs, lady business, armpits and tame our eyebrows. Men get to just be hairy and wild though. How is that fair? My skin doesn’t enjoy a razor. I would get red razor bumps, ingrown hairs and rashes all the time. I tried hair removal creams and that only irritated me further. The home wax and sugaring kits were a problem as well. I am so thankful there is a high end salon in our town. They offer all the works. When I go for an appointment, I get so much accomplished. I have a woman do sugaring on our entire leg part to remove the hair. Then she waxed my bikini line and armpits. Afterwards I get our eyebrows threaded to help them a bit. I respectfully end the session with either a haircut or a body massage. I need something fun to end the day. I also prefer that I hang out at the salon while all the redness on our body fades. I am there for a few hours but it is only one day every few weeks. The salon is absolutely great too. The venue is professional, smells nice and the prices are fair. I am absolutely cheerful that I don’t have to take care of our own hair removal at all.

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