I reupholster my own sofa.

When I was young, I loved to sew. In my 22 years of marriage, I had already worn out 2 knitting machines, plus Max was getting me a current 1 for Christmas. I made suits for Max, plus dresses for myself. I even dabbled with altering the wedding clothes plus old prom dresses for my family plus friends. The largest job I took on, was when I wanted my sofa reupholstered. I kept telling Max that I was sure I could do the reupholstering on my own. Max looked skeptical, even though she told me that if I wanted to try it, go ahead. Max knew I would be able to reupholster the cushions, even though she got upset with the back plus sides plus me being able to pull the material taut enough to make it look proper. I jokingly told Max that if it was too loose, I would put buttons into the back plus you would never see they were there to tighten the material. Max laughed, offered me a hug, plus walked away. The complication was that she had put doubts in my head about my ability to reupholster the sofa. I bought enough material to redo the entire sofa, but after doing the cushions I was not sure I wanted to do the rest of it. I had the perfect upholstery tacks I wanted to use, plus the roping I wanted for the bottom of the sofa plus around the arms. Max told me to do what I do best, plus if it didn’t look perfect it was okay. I was upset I was going to ruin the whole sofa, but when I got done reupholstering it, I was quite satisfied with the job I had done.


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