I think my digital thermostat is fine the way it is

It is always annoying when you have a different opinion than someone else. And I don’t mean in the polite way we can agree to disagree. I mean someone who just can’t stand that you have a different opinion, or in my case, a different object than they do. I have a friend who is like that, but she is only like that when it comes to objects. In her mind, she seems to think she knows what’s best when it comes to technology, and anyone who disagrees is crazy or wrong. Lately it has been HVAC technology that she has been pestering me on. The reason is because she recently got a smart thermostat. I have had my digital thermostat for a while now. Not a smart thermostat, and that is okay, because I don’t need a smart thermostat. Well, even though I have told my friend this multiple times, she still seems to think that I need one and that I should get one, which is incredibly frustrating. Just the other day when she came over to my home, she made a comment that her home felt much better than mine did, thanks to her wonderful thermostat. It is comments like that that really bug me. I think my digital thermostat is fine the way it is, and I don’t plan on changing it for a long, long time. Getting that through my friend’s thick head is almost impossible though. It’s moments like this that make me wonder why we’re still friends.


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