I wanted to give washable filters a try

I am a person that absolutely despises waste.

If possible, I will try to avoid wasting food and items at all costs. It drives me absolutely crazy when people throw away perfectly good things just because they don’t need them anymore. A lot of these items are still in good shape, and some are even new! I will never understand how people can throw those kinds of things away. I started thinking about how much I am wasting, and how I could decrease the amount of waste I create. One of the ways is to try and eat all leftovers, which can be hard, especially if I am not in the mood to eat leftovers, but I don’t want to create more waste than there already is. Especially if it is perfectly good food. But another thing I realized is that I waste every single month with my heating and A/C system. My HVAC system uses basic old disposable filters. These air filters that go in the A/C unit only last a month or so, and then they are thrown away. I couldn’t imagine how much waste that was amounting to right there. I started looking into more eco-friendly options, and that is when I came across washable filters. Washable filters are great because they are cheap, reduce waste and are eco-friendly. I didn’t need any additional convincing, that same day I went down to the local HVAC business and picked myself up some washable air filters. I can’t wait to give them a try!
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