I was looking through ads for affordable tiny homes

My mother wanted to have her own home, but she didn’t want to move away from her kids.

When daddy passed on, she moved from one of our homes to another.

Eventually, she tired of being passed around and told me she wanted her own home, and some privacy. She saw an ad for affordable tiny homes and asked what I thought of the idea. I had seen televisions shows about tiny homes, and I knew that if my husband died, I would gladly live in one. They were compact, but you had all the amenities of a large home. She asked if I thought my husband would mind if she parked it in our backyard. I had to smile because my husband adored mom. He thought of her as a real mom and not just a mother-in-law. He once told me he married me because it was the only way for him to get my parents as his. I told her he would gladly let her park her tiny home in our backyard. Once we found an affordable tiny home for her, mom started calling my brothers and sister and telling them if they wanted to visit, she would be living in my backyard. I asked why she didn’t mention the tiny home she bought, and she said they would need to visit to figure it out. Although I found it funny that she thought that way, I couldn’t let her not tell them about the affordable tiny home she bought. I told her they would think I put a tent up and forced her to live there. She disagreed, but I saw the merriment in her eyes that the thought gave her.

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