I wasn’t kidding myself about the hot and humid summers

Once I left my home area, I knew this new location would be great.

Being from the north and hating Wintertime made me miserable.

And I kind of felt left out. Like all my siblings were into being out of the Heating and A/C heating to play hockey or go skiing. But, I stayed at home and cranked the thermostat on the oil furnace when my parents weren’t home. Mom and dad insisted we never change the thermostat setting. So I had to be careful to get back to the exact location it was in prior to my parents getting back home. So when I got the option to live elsewhere and work from the zone controlled Heating and A/C of my office, I went for it. It was a no brainer for me, however, I also wasn’t lying to myself about the summer season either. I knew that heat and humidity would be high and I had to deal with that fact. Still, I’d much rather be too tepid than too cold. So after the first summer season, I visited a friend of mine to get details on dealing with the summer season. She told me that it was absolutely all about acceptance. Nothing else. So when the temperatures started to rise this Springtime, I left the Heating and A/C cooling off. And I didn’t turn it on until May when the highs were consistently in the mid 90’s. This strategy worked. It seems much less tepid as long as you don’t get outside when the sun is straight up during the peak heating minutes of the day. And I didn’t spend a lot on Heating and A/C cooling costs.

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