It was another hot summer day

When you live in a hot climate, a hot day just feels like every other day. I am pretty tired of living in a heated environment, if I’m being honest. The only reason I have stayed here for so long is because of family. However, I am thinking that I can move not too far away, maybe only a few hours, that way I can still have room to visit family, but not live in this terribly heated environment. So I started doing research on the areas around me. Most of which were also known for being overheated. However, there was one small area north of me that was a bit cooler in climate, and it wasn’t too far away. As much as I wanted to immediately pack my bags and go, there was a lot of planning to be done. First and most importantly, I talked to my family about it. They were okay with it. Then I made sure that I could transfer my job to my new location, and which I could. Last, I made sure to find an apartment complex that would approve of me, so that way I would have someplace to go when I get there. When everything was said and done, all I had left to do was pack up my things. As I was preparing for the move I couldn’t help but to think of the things I won’t miss. The hot environment being my number one. The second one probably be the expensive heating and cooling bills. When it came to the HVAC unit, it was almost always on the air conditioning setting. The A/C is a must in hot climates, and that mandatory need for an air conditioner is not something I am going to miss.

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