Looking into air duct sealing

I think I am going to need to have our air duct sealed.

I have been having issues with our beach lake house being heated for a long time now.

For a while, I thought it must have been a furnace issue, plus I remember feeling quite aggravated, because our heating unit is not by any means old, plus to think about having to replace it even though it is not old was incredibly irritating to me. However, I soon figured out that it was likely not our Heating, Ventilation, plus A/C plan itself, but something else. I put our hand in front of the air conditioning vents, plus felt the sizzling air coming through, so I knew it had to be something else. Then I started suspecting the air duct, plus so I had a heating professional come out to confirm our suspicions. I was right, there were holes in the air duct which was causing all of the treated air to leak back outside. The heating professional gave to fix it, but his prices were incredibly expensive. I decided that I wanted to look around first, plus see if there was anyone willing to do it cheaper. I don’t have much time to look though, Winter is fast approaching, plus I am already wasting so much money as it is thanks to the holes in the air duct. There is another current local heating & air conditioning place in town, plus I think I am going to call them tomorrow to ask about air duct sealing, plus see what their prices are.
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