Most old houses have been demolished or condemned

She never lived in this house even once.

Not many old houses are still available since most have been demolished or condemned. All of the old architecture from the 1740s is nearly gone and that makes Sheila quite sad. When she saw an old Victorian lake house for sale two towns over, she begged her hubby to buy the house and restore it to its former glory. Sheila went to look at this house and it was even nicer than the pictures online showed. There were numerous details that weren’t mentioned online that she felt were incredibly crucial. These included chandeliers and light fixtures that were original to the house. This house had a lot of character, especially in the living room. Sheila was especially fond of the dumb waiter and back entrance to the house. She loved the charming hardwood floors in the living room. They reminded her of the floors in her Grandmother’s lake house when Sheila was a child. She was head over heels with this property the first time that Sheila saw it and she convinced her hubby that they had to buy it. The owner wanted an acceptable amount of money, considering the historical significance of the house. The woman inherited the property in a will and she had held on to it for 35 years. She never lived in this house even once. She didn’t even know about the dumb waiter in the living room. The house really needed lots of upgrades, especially after there was a flood in the living room. About 2 weeks after the sale of the house was finalized, it flooded and Sheila had to replace the hardwood flooring. She was devastated, because she could not get the same flooring ever again.