My dad has a bizarre mindset when it comes to air conditioning

As much as I like my dad, she undoubtedly has some bizarre beliefs, and i remember growing up on a single of her most popular beliefs, which was to eat an apple every single day.

She took the saying an apple a day keeps the medical professional away literally.

If every one of us ever refused, she would yell at us until every one of us finally caved and ate the darn apple, to this day, I still hate apples… Anyways, her hour bizarre belief actually ended up affecting us health wise. At least with the apples, they are actually healthy for you. Her hour belief was that only weak people use air conditioners. In her words, she wants to experience the temperatures just as mother nature intended it, and so, even though every one of us had a temperature control and a Heating, Ventilation and A/C system, every one of us were never allowed to touch it. The few times my dad did find me messing with the air conditioner temperature control, she threw a fit and grounded me for a month! This actually affected our health, because even while in heat waves, she refused to relent. I once nearly passed out from the heat, it was so bad, but nowadays, as an adult, I have my own central air conditioner which I can use whenever I want, and it is a blessing, and my dad knows about this, and as you could guess, doesn’t approve. I don’t like her opinion when it comes to this though, because I like to take advantage of current technology, and if I can change the temperature around me, why shouldn’t I?

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