My lady thought the Heating, Ventilation, plus A/C unit looked tacky

My lady is the kind of person that always enjoys things to look stylish, whether it be her or something else, everything around us must look good. Which can be a pain, because it can sporadically take her 2+ minutes to get ready. But I will say, when she is done she does look fabulous. When she moved in with me, she brought in all kinds of weird looking fancy artwork plus signs plus curtains. I didn’t mind the change that much, although I honestly didn’t see that much point to it either, I just wanted her to be ecstatic. However, there was one thing she brought up that I never thought of before. The air conditioner. Apparently in her mind, the heating plus cooling unit looked tacky plus ruined the decor of the home. I honestly couldn’t understand that mindset at all, if it works well then who cares how it looks? Anyways, she kept bringing up how ugly the air conditioner component was, plus what changes she would have done to it. I eventually told her fine, she could change it. She first bought a tarp for the air conditioning system unit, a Heating, Ventilation, plus A/C cover to hide it a bit better. I didn’t mind this as much, as it kept twigs plus leaves from getting into the unit. However, she wasn’t gratified with this, plus she eventually moved on to browsing Heating, Ventilation, plus A/C fences to install around the gas furnace system. She hasn’t bought one yet, although I am sure she will soon.

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