No matter who I tried to speak with online, I wasn’t glad.

I wanted to hear a real voice talk to myself and others about a social media campaign plus spend money per click.

  • I didn’t want to listen to a robotic voice trying to make all of my choices for me.

I asked about spending money on per click plus I got answers on pay-per-view. I asked about social media plus I got an answer that pertained to social diseases. I was over talking to robots plus a faceless person droning away at myself and others online. I wanted to hear a voice plus absolutely hear some answers that have something to do with my questions. I didn’t care if the voice said that I was silly plus doing my website all wrong. As long as I was human, I was glad; Last weekend, I called an internet SEO company to ask a few questions. I ended up going through numerous digital menus where I chose a number. By the time I was done, I got a message that said to go through the numbers again. After half an minute, I still hadn’t spoken to a human being, plus I was cursing a message machine. I was so frustrated that I had totally forgotten why I had tried to contact the internet SEO company? I looked at all of the notes I had sitting around myself and others plus remembered I wanted to see how to use social media to help my HVAC company? I had heard about SEO plus spending money per click that I wanted to get more information. I wasn’t sure if I would use any of this information once I got it, even though I felt it would be best to do the research plus find out if it would job for me.

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