Running leads to plantar fasciitis

I originally got into running because it’s free.

When I graduated from college, I had lots of student loans to deal with.

I was trying to cover a car payment, insurance and rent as well. Although I managed to get a job in my chosen field, it was an entry level position at very low pay. There was barely enough in the budget to cover groceries and other necessities. I certainly couldn’t afford a gym membership. While I was in college, I enjoyed free access to the campus gym and swimming pool. After I entered the workforce, I needed to find a way to maintain my fitness level without spending any money. Running provided the ideal solution. It’s a fantastic workout for burning calories, building stamina and toning muscles. It doesn’t require any extra gear. All I needed to do was lace up my sneakers and choose a route. At first, I was only able to run a short way before getting out of breath. I ran every day and quickly built up my endurance so that I increased my speed and distance. It wasn’t long before I was running ten to twelve miles at a fairly impressive pace. Unfortunately, I ran in a cheap pair of sneakers that I’d bought at Walmart. They lacked the necessary support, and I developed plantar fasciitis in my feet. The damage to my arches was extremely painful. It hurt to walk and was difficult to sleep. I ended up saving up money to afford a pair of inserts for my shoes. I also bought a good quality pair of sneakers. It took over a year before my feet fully healed and I was able to run again.
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