The sewer line had broken somewhere

I got home last week only to not be able to get into our ‌driveway.

There were people there from the sewage authority doing a sewer line repair.

They had the entire road torn up from one end to the other. They were trying to find where the sewer line was broken, and they had pinpointed it right in front of our house! Half our garden was already missing, and I had a 3 foot trench going from one end of our driveway to the other. I asked them how they expected me to get into our house, and the director chuckled. He told me he would park across the street. He threw a board down across the trench and said I should go across the board and into my house. I couldn’t believe that they were doing a sewer line repair and not telling us about it, and when my wife came home, she was furious. She wanted to know what right they had to dig up our property and our driveway, without previous notice?. They told him that with a sewer line repair, they didn’t need our permission. It’s the same thing that happened when they put sewer pipes in front of our house. We had no choice but to spend the $1500 for them to install the sewer pipe, and we had to spend money to have our own yard and driveway repaired when they were done. I have absolutely no respect for the sewage authority, and for how they do sewer line repair and we have to clean up the mess.
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