There were many details not mentioned online

The number of aged houses has been on the decline as most of them have been replaced with modern homes.

Much of the aged architecture from the 1770s is nearly gone and Ashley can’t stand it.

A while back she came across an aged Victorian house for sale in the next town and she knew she had to buy the house and restore it to its former glory. Ashley drove to see the house and it was even nicer than the pictures online showed. Ashley loved the different details that were not mentioned online that she felt were incredibly important. This old house had chandeliers and light fixtures that were original to the house. There was plenty of character, especially in the kitchen. Ashley was in disbelief there was a dumb waiter and back entrance to the house. There were even hardwood floors in the kitchen. They reminded Ashley of the floors in her Grandmother’s house when she was young. Ashley fell in love with the property the first time that she saw it and was sure she had to buy it. The owner wanted a satisfactory amount of money, based on the historical significance of the house. This was an inheritance from his grandparents and he had held on to it for 55 years, but never once lived in it. He wasn’t evenm aware there was a dumb waiter in the kitchen. The house absolutely needed numerous upgrades, especially after there was a flood in the kitchen. About 3 months after the sale of the house was finalized, the house flooded and Ashley had to upgrade the hardwood flooring. She was so miserable because there was no way to find the same flooring anywhere.

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