They got the property in a will

There are only a few old houses remaining.

Most of them have been destroyed or are unlivable. The old architecture from the 1750s is nearly gone and that makes me unhappy. When I came across an old Victorian house for sale in the next state, I convinced my spouse that we had to own it and restore the property to its former glory. We went to inspect the house and it was even nicer than the pictures online displayed. There were numerous details left out online that added to its great appeal. There were chandeliers and light fixtures that were original to the house. The locale had plenty of character, especially in the family room. This house even had a dumb server and back entrance. I loved the appealing hardwood floors in the family room. They reminded me of the floors in my nana’s house when I was 6. It was love at first sight when I saw the house and I convinced my spouse to put in an offer. The owners wanted a hefty amount, considering the historical significance of the house. They inherited the property in a will and had held on to it for 40 years. None ever lived in the house for even a day. They were even unaware of the dumb server in the family room. The house needed many changes, especially after there was a flood in the family room. About 2 weeks after we finished the sale, the house flooded and I was forced to replace the hardwood flooring. This was so terrible since those floors aren’t available anymore.


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