When she got home, she did as the physician advised

Michelle doesn’t rush to a physician over a simple cold.

  • Now, that’s not to say that she didn’t lose her mind any time she felt bad for the last 24 months or so.

Infact, Michelle admits to taking many Covid tests to rule that out. She’s been lucky so far that she’s never tested positive. That said, late last fall, Michelle had a chest and sinus issue that she just couldn’t shake. Interestingly enough, the freezing hit her just as the HVAC heating started running for much of the day. Michelle would later learn that this timing had lots to do with her not managing to shake that cold. She just felt lousy for a while, and it was like her body was fighting off something tough. Of course, Michelle took another Covid test and when it was negative, it was time to go to the physician. Michelle knew she was going to get a prescription, but she got an HVAC suggestion instead. The physician was pretty particular that the furnace cranking up and dirty HVAC duct were the reason that freezing just kept lingering. Michelle’s immune system was already down from the freezing and was now fighting off airborne contaminants attacking her respiratory system. So when she got home, Michelle just did what the physician told her to do and hired the HVAC company. The HVAC duct cleaning and HVAC duct resealing took most of the afternoon but the HVAC professionals were great. Once they were done, she went a step further and updated the cheap air filter with a HEPA filter. Michelle’s health improved once the HVAC ductworks were cleaned and resealed.

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