Zoned HVAC greatly improved my life

There are some things that once you discover, you wish you had discovered much earlier on.

I definitely had that experience with zoned heating and cooling, and looking back on it, I think life was trying to point me in that direction.

For a long time I had heard about zoned HVAC systems, mainly through family and friends, I would hear them talk about it. But since I had never had an interest in anything HVAC technology related, I never really bothered to ask about what zoned heating and cooling is. But I must have heard it quite a few times in my life, which is unusual, because the average person probably doesn’t even know zoned HVAC even exists. Anyways, I didn’t end up getting the idea of getting a zoned air conditioning system until I was complaining about the thermostat to my friend. My wife and I have vastly different temperature preferences, and she seemed to be the one always in control. My friend seemed surprised and asked about my zoned A/C unit. He thought that I also had a zoned cooling system, because most of the people he knew did. I didn’t, and that is when he filled me in on all of the little details I had missed over the years. After hearing about it from my friend, I knew I needed this HVAC equipment. I told my wife about it, and she agreed. We called a HVAC expert the next morning to prepare for our new A/C investment.


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