Being mean to HVAC workers

For some reason, people are entirely mean to HVAC contractors.

  • Why? I would love to know, but I can’t figure it out.

I assume people don’t like HVAC workers because they are the bearers of awful news. When your heating and cooling system stops working, I bet that your heart stops for a moment, just like mine does. Nobody wants a broken HVAC system, because a broken system means spending my money on getting my device repaired. Regardless, people still have to call HVAC contractors because most people have no idea how to fix an HVAC unit. When the worker comes to your house, he inspects your device and then reports the bad news. You already knew that you were going to have to spend money, but you don’t want to hear it. However, when the HVAC worker tells you, the truth sinks in. It isn’t their fault that something doesn’t work, but we are always associating the awful news of a broken system with the worker. I don’t think this is healthy. Certainly, HVAC contractors don’t deserve to be disliked for giving you the even-handed truth. We should be a little kinder to HVAC workers.



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