Bob and I got stranded in the snow and frigid air

Bob and I had to stand inside because of the animals in the woods

My friend Bob and I went skiing last Winter time. We stayed until the resort closed at midnight. Bob and I talked in the parking lot with some other guys that we met and we didn’t really leave the resort until almost one in the morning. I wasn’t feeling fatigued at all, gladly, because we had barely made it halfway back home before my car broke down. Bob and I were running the heat because it was frigid outside. I had the furnace on high and it all seemed to be just fine. After I started up the mountain in the jeep, I saw the temp gauge in the Jeep start to get higher. I turned off the furnace and that seemed to help. Occasionally this concern happens on steep hills and I knew it was only going to be a short drive up the steep hill. When we got to the other side of the mountain, I attempted to turn the furnace back on. The Jeep furnace would not come on even when I put the heat on the highest level, shortly after I tried using the heat, all of the electric lights on the car started to dim and then the Jeep conked out on the side of the road. Bob and I were stranded in the snow and in the frigid air for 3 hours before a tow truck could come to get us. Bob and I didn’t have any heat and the car would not start. Bob and I had to stand inside because of the animals in the woods. Bob and I were all actually ecstatic when the tow truck driver finally arrived. Bob and I sat inside of the warm truck while the driver linked the Jeep to his rig.

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