Getting rid of my furnace

I want to ditch my furnace, although I am going to have to make a plan to do so.

For the last few years, I have grown increasingly distraught about civilization. I have been reading a lot of books about living off-grid. This means living without electricity, and farming for my own food and providing myself with everything I need self-sufficiently. I have also grown distraught over the way our government is acting, and I think it might be easier and wise to learn how to live on my own. But what am I going to do without my furnace? I’d need to figure this out. I live in the North, so it is crucial that I have a furnace. I could move to the South, but I don’t think I can easily afford to move. Besides, I have a nice piece of land where I live, and I would rather stay here even without a furnace. I have found some wood-burning stoves that might be able to replace my furnace, but the prices for them are steep. These wood-burning stoves can be installed as a gas furnace outside, but this means you have to go outside constantly to keep it warm. Also, this wood-burning stove can replace your oven to help you cook. If I am serious about living off-grid, then I know I must get rid of my furnace. If there was any chance that the government would attack us, it would be through electricity, and I am totally dependent on electricity for heat. That needs to change, and replacing my furnace with a wood-burning stove is the first step.

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