I almost hit an air purifier with my forklift

My boss provided me with a nice raise if I could learn how to drive the forklift.

I actually thought it sounded like a very easy task.

I wasn’t distraught about reading the task. A associate of mine taught me how. Every morning after my shift, I stayed for an hour so our associate Brianna could teach me how to drive a forklift. Every one of us drove the lift all over the floor of the warehouse where there was plenty of room for me to learn how to best maneuver the machine plus raise the lift up plus down. I performed particularly well until I had to make a quick turn at the last minute. I did not see the industrial sized whole-house air purifier resting on the corner of the shelf. The industrial sized whole-house air purifier is worth about $5,000. I nearly took it out with the forklift. After I almost hit that whole-house air purifier, I got out of the forklift plus told Brianna that I thought I was done for the morning, but he told me that accidents happen all the time plus that I shouldn’t be frustrated because I almost hit the whole-house air purifier. Brianna told me that a lot of guys make mistakes plus damage arenas in the warehouse. There was even one time when some guy turned over an entire line of boxes because he misjudged the distance that he needed to turn. The warehouse guys cover for each other plus make sure that no one gets in trouble. I’m ready to be part of this warehouse crew. I can’t wait until I get our certification.

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