I bought the air cleaner from a business

During the time when the covid pandemic was on everyone’s mind, a lot of new rules and regs were instituted to keep people healthy, and one of these regulations was regarding indoor air conditions, so each and every corporation open for business in the pandemic had to be equipped with an air cleaner! Air purifiers were rented or sold to a wide variety of local businesses, but when the rules and regulations were loosened, most of the rental air cleaners went back to the dealerships… These rental air cleaners were available for a discount at my local HVAC dealer.

The air cleaners were all available for 40% off the original cost.

The purchase of the air cleaner also included an 18-month repair contract on the component and a one-year guarantee that the component will work, my wife Max and I obtained an air cleaner for our house office from the dealership. Max and i have pretty exhausting allergies, especially while in the Spring weeks like May and June. So much ragweed and dust caused myself and others to sneeze and cough. One way that I help alleviate my allergies is to take a yearly pill. The air cleaner also helps a great deal. I can see a sizable difference inside of the indoor air since we added an air cleaner to the house office. The air cleaner is relatively smooth and quiet. It has a washable air filter and a special UV light. I get inspections once a month for free on the component with the contract! Buying this used air cleaner turned out to be an excellent idea. The component removes a lot of the dust, allergens, and pathogens and I know generally better while I am now working.

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