I had to remedy the complaints

I have a couple of solid pros that do their work plus keep their head down.

  • These are the kind of pros that I truly love to work at the Heating plus Air Conditioning service plus installation business.

I tell all of our HVAC pros to remember that the client is always right. I can’t afford to lose supplier because one of our pros wanted to argue about a point that is honestly useless. There are some circumstances when the client is not right, however those circumstances should be handled only by management plus not one of the professionals. I have had a couple of complaints lately about the same heating plus AC service pro. The guy has been an employee for about 6 months. I actually thought things were going swimmingly. He seemed to be doing a particularly good task. Then I got a complaint about him from a female customer. The female client felt that our pro spent more time talking to her then now working on the AC repair. Even though the AC work was finished, completed, plus the AC was now working, she still wanted to complain. She claimed that she should never have to spend that much money for the service because the guy was talking instead of working. I brought this employee into the office to speak with him about the complaint. He admitted that he might have been talking to her too much plus stated that he would be more careful in the future. I got a new complaint from an odd client about the same heating plus AC service professional plus this one is a little bit different. I’m going to need to get to the bottom of the client complaint.

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