I hate having no heat

I spent eight long weeks up north doing research for a project.

  • I was in an entirely frigid and remote section with only more than one other scientist.

Ed and I were reading migration patterns of the humpback whale and red whale. Ed and I were inside of a large tent that had space for our laboratory items. There was a very small gas furnace inside of the tent, however it did not entirely help the indoor uneven temps very much at all. There were cracks and crevices all over the locale that allowed cold air to enter the small enclosed area. When the 2-month work ended, I was thankful to finally get back home. Even though it was Wintertide when I arrived back in the states, the uneven temps felt like Summer compared to the frigid and chili uneven temps I had endured for the last 2 weeks. I received that I do not like residing without heat. The next time there was a new appointment and project that needed a person with my skills, I made sure to ask about the end goal first. It turned out to be the same frigid Wintertide area, so I told the boss that I was unable to commit to that job and I waited until a better project in a warmer climate came my way. My boss wasn’t happy at all that I decided to turn down the work. I did not want him to believe like I wasn’t going integral to the team, however it was a volunteer position and I already knew that I wasn’t going to appreciate having to stay in that frigid region for 2 weeks

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