I hurt myself while carrying a heavy box

I broke our leg working the other morning plus I am totally plus completely embarrassed.

I wasn’t even working for a heating or AC plan repair job.

I was in the stock removing some boxes around. The boss told me that the company had an extra box of air filters in the back somewhere plus he wanted me to locate them. I moved a few things from the storage room so I could find the box of air filters. They were actually near to the arena where our boss thought they would be. There were actually two different boxes of the HVAC filters in that particular location. I had to put everything back on the shelves. I was carrying one of the HVAC boxes when I tripped plus fell plus broke our ankle. I couldn’t even get up to walk. The HVAC box was actually heavy. I leaned against it to put most of our weight on the HVAC box plus then I finally had the ability to stand up. I hobbled over to the emergency intercom system plus I called for help. I had to go to the emergency room to get an x-ray on our ankle. That’s when I found out that it was broken. I actually have bad luck. I was trying to do the right thing plus help the boss look for something that was missing plus I ended up with a broken leg. Thank goodness I still get paid a little bit at work. Since the accident happened inside the heating plus AC service shop, I have to be able to work light duty or get paid half of our wages.
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