I want to paint plus draw, not do HVAC work

I’ve always known that I wanted to work as an artist.

I have long enjoyed drawing plus painting since I was a small child.

There is just something lovely about putting ideas on paper plus making them real that I actually love. I recognize my most alive plus feel my best when I work on a new art project. When I was old enough to choice an elective at school, I chose art. My mom plus Dan thought I should have chosen an elective that would teach me more about English, math, or science. When I told our mom plus Dan that I was thinking about becoming an artist, Dan told me that I was going to take over the heating plus AC service supplier when I was older. I never heard Dan tell anyone that he plans to leave the supplier to me. It was a complete plus total shock when Dan said that plus I didn’t understand where it was coming from. Dan knew that I wanted to paint plus draw plus not work on heating plus AC repairs. I like to work with our hands plus to be creative plus I did not see myself now working in heating plus AC repairs. Dan told me that the two of us would discuss it when I got older plus now that time is here. Dan still wants me to work at the family supplier as a service professional. Dane told me I could go to art classes in the night after the real task is over if I’m still interested in these childhood dreams. I actually don’t know what I am going to do.

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