Max settled in and made herself right at home

After I finished school, I moved to the big city.

My stepmom Max always thought I was going to come back to the country, but I didn’t want to leave all the excitement of living in the city.

I finished my degree and got a modest beach house overlooking the river. I found a great task at a law firm downtown and I started living my adult life. I really missed my mom a lot, so I called her frequently. Max and I talked on the cellphone almost every single day. I was a little distraught when I couldn’t get a hold of Max on Monday. I called her in the morning and she didn’t answer. I left a voicemail, even though Max never called myself and others back. I called Max again on Monday afternoon and the cellphone went straight to voicemail again. I was planning to call my step-sister after supper if I still had not heard from my mom. When there was a knock on the door, I truthfully thought it was a friend coming over to say hello. The knock on the door turned out to be Max. She flew to the city to see myself and others and rented a car at the airport. I was supposed to go to task on Monday and Sunday, but I took the time off so I could spend the afternoons with Max instead. My mom made herself right at house in my apartment. Max adjusted the thermostat so the temperature was warmer. Max doesn’t like when the indoor temperatures are too frigid or freezing. That is one way that we are vastly different. I enjoy the thermostat to be set at 69°, but Max prefers the indoor temperatures to be closer to 71°.



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