My mom adjusted the thermostat and made herself right at home

After I finished college, I stayed in the city. My mom regularly thought I was going to come back out to the countryside, however I did not want to leave the excitement of the city. I finished our degree and got a small lake house that overlooked the river. I found a great job at a firm downtown and I started our adult life. I honestly missed our mom quite a bit, so I called her frequently. Both of us talked on the iphone almost every single day. I got a little bit upset when I could not get a hold of our mom on Sunday. I called her again in the morning and she did not answer. I left a voicemail, however she never called me back. I called her yet again on Sunday day and the iphone went straight to voicemail again. I was planning on calling our sibling after dinner if I still had not heard from our mom. When there was knocking on the door, I particularly thought it was really the associate coming over to say hello. The knocking on the door turned out to be our mom. She flew to the neighborhood to see me and rented an automobile at the airport. I was supposed to job on Sunday and Wednesday, however I took some time off so I could spend the days with our mom instead. My mom made herself comfy in our apartment. She adjusted the thermostat so the temperature was warmer. My mom doesn’t like it when the indoor rapidly increasing temperatures are too freezing and cold. That is 1 of the ways that the two of us are vastly different. I like the thermostat to be set at 72°, however our mom prefers her indoor rapidly increasing temperatures to be closer to 63°.

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