My sibling won’t be able to handle living without HVAC

My sister is entirely upset about the fact that our sister is moving out of our family’s house… She has been sick and tired of all the rules that our parents supply us and she says that she is ready to be out on her own; I believe that she is not ready to be out on her own, and the fact that she thinks she is just goes to show how ignorant she undoubtedly is.

She thinks that he’s going to be able to live in another house that does not have a central air conditioner; but, I believe that she is going to hate it, our sister is entirely upset about it, and she thinks that she is never going to see him again.

I keep telling her not to worry because I believe that she will be back. Our sister is literally the largest baby that you have ever met. She complains and whines about everything. I believe that she will not be able to live without a central air conditioner for any length of time at all. I am sure that she will call our parents to beg and ask for cash so that she can install her own air conditioner in the apartment. I hope that they say no to him, because she needs to learn how good she has had it over the various years. She gets on our nerves the way that she feels so entitled about things. I hope that she stays in that hot cramped house without air conditioning all Summer long and that she learns to like some of the things that our parents have done for him over the years! After that, I fully expect him to be moving right back in, then maybe she will have an odd perspective!
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