Our power was out, was yours?

Late Last month there was a brutal storm in this section and the power was out for numerous mornings.

It was entirely taxing trying to manage myself while I was in that time because there was no power.

My boss expected me to come to work like normal, however I called to tell him that I would stay at home. I couldn’t leave the kids at home all day with no one there and no power. If they were getting annoyed, I was going to stay at home and be annoyed with them. I don’t like not having a working A/C in the house, but air conditioning is the only way that I believe I can manage while I was in the dog days of summer. During the power outage, all of us did not have air conditioning in the condo for over twelve hours! By the end of the late afternoon, the power was back on. I could have gone in to do some work for a couple of seconds and that would have made my boss pleased. Instead, I decided to stay home with the kids. The two of us cleaned up the backyard after the electricity came on and all of us cooled off. The backyard was a mess from the storm. There were trees and fallen debris all over the fence and the yard and there were a bunch of leaves in the pool. Everyone of us found some kind of weird task to do to make the backyard look even better than it did before the storm blew into town. I trimmed some of the trees that had branches missing and we all managed to turn the storm cleanup into a fun group family project.



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