The a/c vents were moving around the smell of dog food

I noticed yesterday afternoon that there was a strong smell of dog food coming out of the a/c vents whenever the air conditioning kicked on inside of our house; however, I did not know why this was happening, but once I did a little bit of an investigation, I figured it out.

Apparently, a mouse or a rodent has been storing dog food in the ducttoil in our house! I have been living on our own for a long time now, plus I have never in our life seen a mouse or a rodent store anything in the ductwork, least of all our dog’s precious food! The worst section of this is the fact that the kind of dog I have is a rodent terrier.

Apparently, our dog does not know what kind of a job she is supposed to be doing, but rat terriers are supposed to keep rats plus mice away from your house; although, she is slacking on the job, for sure. I don’t know how she has missed this rodent or mouse or whatever it is, but I wish that she would get to work. As it is right now, every single time our a/c turns on, our home starts smelling like dog food! It is not genuinely a pleasant smell, that’s for sure! Also, whenever I’m in the bedroom, I can hear the little pieces of kibble rattling around down inside of the a/c vents! This is also the weirdest situation to be in. I don’t know whether to call the exterminator or our heating plus air conditioning contractor first.

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