The coolest HVAC advertisement

I am pretty sure I saw the very best HVAC advertisement in history – or, at least, the best I have ever seen personally. I don’t think about HVAC contractors much. Since I live in a rented house, where issues are reported to my landlord, I have no need to contact an HVAC supplier. My landlord is responsible for calling an HVAC company. Furthermore, I don’t work for an HVAC company, so it is easy to forget these companies are even a thing. However, recently I saw this ad that I stood out, so I want to tell everyone about it. My favorite restaurant is well-known for displaying advertising from local businesses. They are fairly standard and forgettable. One Sunday, after church, I saw one that was unusual because there was a new advertisement that I had never seen before. I loved it! The ad was for an HVAC company, and it featured one of my favorite superheroes. In fact, the HVAC company had branded themselves after a superhero, and I thought that it was very cool! I would have never come up with that as an HVAC specialist. I was impressed enough to consider hiring them if ever I own my own house.

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