The hotel hallway was long, but the suite was nice

My friend Tom plus I went to a concert plus the band played on till after midnight.

I was actually tired by the end of the show.

I worked all morning plus got up early plus then I stayed up all night. Tom agreed that they were just as tired as I was. Tom and I decided to stop at a hotel halfway between the arena plus our hometown, Tom looked for a room online that was reasonably priced plus the two of us found a name brand chain hotel with terrific reviews about 17 to 20 miles away. The lady at the front desk of the hotel looked like she was asleep when the two of us arrived. It was still only 1 a.m., despite the fact that I assume this person wasn’t a night owl at all. The front desk clerk gave Tom a key to room 5:17. She told us it was on the sixth floor. She told Tom to get off the elevator plus head to the right. She made it a point to tell us to go right three or four different times. It was almost as if there was a scary person lurking on the left waiting for us to make the wrong choice. The hotel hallway was very dark plus Bleak, however the room was particularly nice. There was a bed in the middle of the room plus another sofa bed. There was plenty of room for Tom plus I to stretch out plus go to sleep. The A/C worked well plus it was quiet. I turned on the A/C plus Tom plus I wanted to set the temperature control as low as possible. Tom and I hardly ever get to care about A/C that the two of us don’t have to spend our savings for. Tom and I were going to care about all of the perks of the hotel room.



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