The HVAC system in our office is terrible

The HVAC system in the office where I work is really terrible.

I don’t know why in the world they continue to let the indoor air quality suffer in the office building, since they have access to some really great commercial HVAC companies here in town that they could be using to make it better.

I know one of the guys who owns a really big commercial HVAC company that’s literally only about ten minutes away from the office. I am fairly confident that he and his group of technicians could fix up the HVAC system in the office within a day or two. I really think that having the indoor air quality in the building fixed would help a lot with company morale. People don’t really like coming into work around here a lot of the time simply because the indoor air quality is so bad. During the summer, the air conditioning system never seems to cool it down here quite enough and everyone is always hot and miserable. I personally have to bring in one of those little personal desktop cooling systems just to be able to get any work done at my desk in the summer. The temperature in the office is just way too high in the summer, even when they turn the thermostat way down. It’s the same issue in the winter, but the other way around. It’s always freezing cold in here during the winter and it seems like the place just won’t ever warm up. Everyone wears their coats around and it’s just a very uncomfortable work environment.


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