The kitchen ventilation fan has been stuck for a while

The kitchen in the eating establishment where I work does not have Central AC.

It does have a particularly sizable ventilation fan set directly over the chef station where all of the ovens, stoves, and grills are located.

The ventilation fan system is not as superb as a full AC, however it really helps get rid of excess heat. The cooks and service staff are all hot, however they usually manage quite well, last Wednesday evening was a particularly nasty night. The ventilation fan in the kitchen got stuck and was not running. I have been complaining about the ventilation fan for at least 2 or 3 months. The thing sounds like it is on its last leg and it is just as rusty as it is loud. The ventilation fan had been there since the late fifties when the eating establishment was built. I contacted the authorized heating and AC contractor that the owners use for all of the repairs. I could not get anyone at the eating establishment until the following day. One of our experienced dishwashers quit because I could not get the fan fixed the previous evening. I did everything that I could think of to get the ventilation fan fixed on Wednesday evening and the service contractor was there bright and early that morning. One of the executive chefs called around 2 p.m. on Sunday to see if the nagging ventilation complication had been resolved. I suppose the guy was going to tell me that he was sick if he had to deal with another evening of terrible temperatures. Half of our employees could care less about their jobs.

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