The newer uniform shirts don't fit quite right

My boss Dean told everyone that he was going to get current uniform shirts for all of the heating and air conditioner repair specialists.

I was ecstatic about being able to get a more current shirt, because I’ve been at the dealership for 3 years and I wear the same worn out and ready t-shirts when I go to work.

They don’t look nice anymore and they have holes and rips. When Dean said he was going to buy current shirts, I was excited. Dean asked everyone to put in their sizes on a Monday afternoon. My last shirt was a size extra large, and it fit actually well. I decided to order numerous more extra large t-shirts. The newer shirts for the heating and air conditioner repair corporation came to the store the other day and I am actually upset about the quality of the shirts. The uniform shirts were supposed to be made with breathable cotton, but they know more like rayon. They really stick to my skin and the extra large is about 2 sizes too small. There’s no way this uniform shirt is really extra large. It fits myself and others like a small. Some of my other co-workers complained about the uniform shirts as well. It seems like all of the sizes were small and no one was actually pleased about the way that the current shirts know on our skin, however hopefully Dean, the owner of the heating and air conditioner repair corporation, will be able to get the money back so he can order current task shirts for us that fit right and are comfortable.