The oil furnace needs to a total replacement

Our rental house on 1st Avenue requires a lot of repairs.

The previous tenants trashed the location and Bob and I had to evict them from the property.

Bob and I knew to expect damages, but we were not prepared for all of the excess damage the previous tenants had caused. He broke both of the ceiling fans in the bedroom and the living room. He broke the faucet on the sink in the powder room and we’re using a wrench to turn the water off and on. The garbage disposal had been jammed with trash and the washing component wasn’t even there. Bob and I really rented the property with a washing machine. It was on the tenant’s lease. I don’t guess if it had broke and they got rid of it or if they stole it and sold it. The oil furnace was completely ruined. It needs to be substituted before we can rent the house again. This year Bob and I are going to replace the oil furnace with a current energy efficient model that has a 99% afue rating. Getting a more current oil furnace is going to cost quite a heap of money, but I guess that a gas or oil furnace like this will save money and last a long time. Bob and I decided to use a property management dealer next time we rent this property. They choose the tenants and ensure that we will get the rent on time. Since the managers pick the tenants, they also have responsibility for damages that the tenants incur while they are there. Bob and I used a management dealer in the past for another property and we got decent results.

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