The retirement home is warm inside

My Mom called me the other day plus said that it’s way too hot at the retirement beach home where he is living.

He’s been there for about a week now plus I suppose he was entirely trying to settle in without complaining too much.

He hasn’t mentioned the fact that the place is too hot for him until now, and I’m wondering why that is, however maybe it’s because he just didn’t want to rock the boat up until this point! Whatever the reason is, I am determined to get it fixed for him, the last thing I want to do is leave my Mom there with him feeling hot plus uncomfortable; and my Mom has always entirely liked using the A/C, ever since I can remember. He would come to the beach home from work in the days whenever I was a kid plus instantly sit down in front of the A/C vents in the home office. I guess that my Mom entirely prefers having A/C while we were in the summer time so the fact that the retirement beach home is too hot for him makes me guess super disappointing for him! I told my Mom when he called me that I would be over to see him the next day. When I got there, I talked to one of the supervisors of the beach house plus mentioned the concern with the temperature in the home. He provided me permission to install a window A/C unit in my Mom’s room. When I walked in the next day with my Mom’s current air conditioner, he was super excited!


HVAC tech