The struggle never ends when you’re broke

The price for products everywhere are on the rise! Gas is almost $7 a gallon and I cannot find a banana for less than 1 dollar each.

The price for bread has gone up to $5 and a gallon of milk is hovering around the same price.

Even for sugar, flour, and eggs the prices are 50% higher than they were 2 years ago. For an average consumer, this can really spell drastic trouble. I am a regular and average consumer. These insane prices are causing a lot of problems for me. I’ve had to change my diet, because I can no longer afford the exact same groceries that I bought 2 years ago. Since the pandemic, I’ve had to stop eating meat every single day. It’s just way too fancy unless I buy the cheapest products available that are only going to make myself and others more unhealthy and unfit. I’ve had to cut back on the usage of my air conditioner as well. I have to set the air conditioner to 73°. It feels actually warm and humid in my beach house almost all of the time, but I really cannot afford to adjust the thermostat to a temperature that is lower because that make my bills for electricity about 20% higher. My friends recommend buying a smart thermostat to help save money on the heating and air conditioner bills, but I don’t think it’s very smart to spend more money to see if I could save some money. Right now I am doing my level best to stay afloat until things go back to normal, assuming things will ever really get back to normal.


Air conditioning expert